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Many board members will advocate the use of the board portal software, especially those who are in leadership positions such as the chairperson, secretary or assistant to the chairman. Some board members may champion an idea after being influenced by a trusted peer or after hearing about its benefits from an expert in the industry or a friend. Whatever the reason for how the software came into existence, it’s important that everyone involved in the implementation of the portal be aware of the pricing and features prior to the board’s approval of the portal.

The most effective board portal software allows you to collaborate on documents simultaneously and in real time, from any device or platform. This eliminates the need for physical meetings and re-preparation materials. It can also serve as the secure record system for all documents related to boards. It also offers prompt and robust support for any task.

Most portals include a system for scheduling board meetings which automatically syncs with calendars of all members. Modern portals also make it simple to work between meetings, with deadlines and action items that are easily identified. Portals also offer e-signature and approval capabilities, making it simple for directors to approve official documents from any location.

The majority of companies offer a variety of additional features that could be added to their portals at an additional cost. It’s essential for every board to look into the options available to them prior to choosing the best tools for their needs. One way to do this is by calling a vendor’s helpline and asking questions about the various features. It is also vital to inquire about the size of their data storage and backup facilities, especially since board members are typically handling sensitive information.

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